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Fostering collaborative solutions

Pathways In Excellence

PiE consultancy works on the basis of whole organisation learning.  

We believe that real organisational change takes place when everyone with a stake in that change is involved in the process from conception to outcome.

This means identifying all those people who can contribute to change and supporting how they, together can create systems that improve outcomes for all.

Utilising the ‘Authentic Voice’ organisations can exceed their regulatory requirements and work towards excellence.

We at PiE call this

Legitimising the Authentic Voice’

Organisational Audit


Pathways in Excellence (PiE) support organisations and businesses to realise their potential and to understand the difference they can make to their own working life by improving the outcomes for people that they serve.

The Authentic Voice supports: Contact Us:

6 steps to securing the Authentic Voice

Customer Consultation

Quality Management Systems

Workforce Development

Training & Development

Change Management

Evidence of how the needs & voices of people can be used in creating 
Quality Services & Products

 Continual Improvement within effective Quality Management Systems

Organisations to excel in ever changing environments

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